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Creative Corner Shop Workshops June
June 1 , Wednesday

Saturday plans until the end of the year run through The Hood with workshops for all tastes and ages.

Japanese Bookbinding Workshop with Bulhufas Studio

4th June at 2pm
Duration of the workshop: 3h
Age of participants: from 10 years old. Ideal for beginners.
Maximum number of participants: 8

In this workshop we will learn the basics of hand binding, building a book with Japanese stitching. You'll never look at a book the same way again!

Flower Bomb Workshop - Natural dyeing with local flowers with Tinctorium Studio

18 June at 2pm
Workshop length: 2.5h
Maximum: 12 people

In this workshop we will dye a cloth bag with wild flowers and flowers grown in Tinctorium Studio's dye garden. We'll also make some flower bombs so participants can grow their own dye flowers. At the end, you'll take it all home with you!

Workshop The sounds of clay with Pablo Díaz

25 June at 2pm
Length of workshop: 3h
Age of participants: 16 - 60
Maximum: 10 people

A workshop that will serve as a sound experimentation with clay, for curious people who enjoy manual work and playing with sound. You will work on 2 independent modules: working with clay, the air and the breath, and the work of breaking and collapsing the clay.

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