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Ezgit's July Agenda 2023
July 17 , Monday


July 17 - House Open Class with @e_luciaoliveira - 20h at the Container

House Dance is a social dance that has its roots in the clubs of Chicago and New York in the early 80s. It is a dance with numerous influences such as African and Latin dances, hip-hop, tap dance, among others. This diversity of inspirations makes this style interpreted and danced in various ways!

July 24 - Hip Hop Open Class with @ritaisabelsoeiro - 20h at the Container

In this class, you will learn a Hip Hop choreography in Rita's unique style!

Come and have fun, it's guaranteed!

Show us what you got.

If your heart beats for art, so do ours. Share your work with us,
from The Hood to The World.

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