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Museu Feio
September 15 , Tuesday

The “Museu Feio” is an anonymous collective of Portuguese artists founded during the mandatory confinement imposed by the Government, as a consequence or way of combating the spread of the COVID-19 virus.


With the sudden and forced quarantine and the respective state of emergency, we had a crucial moment of analysis, discussion and political reflection regarding the support of Culture in the Country.


Facing a reality where only the exit of the respective homes was authorized, for people who needed to acquire essential goods such as: food, hygiene and health products, practicing physical exercise; we were absorbed by a question: Isn't culture also an essential good that we were deprived of?


“Museu Feio” was a rebellious and spontaneous gesture that brought, quickly and in strategic places, the most respected masters of classical painting from various times and countries to the streets of Lisbon.


At a time when all citizens were closed at home, deprived of culture ... an open-air museum appeared. Portraits, self-portraits, landscapes and still lifes, famous or unknown are now spread across the country and available to all citizens... and now at THE HOOD.

- 15th of September > 4th of October

- Premièra 15th of September _ 5pm > 8pm

- 10am > 1pm + 2pm > 8pm

Show us what you got.

If your heart beats for art, so do ours. Share your work with us,
from The Hood to The World.

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