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Open Call Poster Artists
March 1 , Monday
THE HOOD is an innovative concept in Greater Lisbon that encourages art, sharing ideas, concepts and experiences. It aims to promote the feeling of neighborhood and community, in a space where the artistic, creative and playful components coexist with a commercial component. An idea that comes down to the signature The Lisbon get-together. 
THE HOOD is again open to community participation, with the launch of a CALL for the creation of a POSTER. More information about THE HOOD at: 
This call seeks to encourage the participation of creators and / or interested in Art, through the election of a poster proposal. This initiative is assumed as a way of promoting talent, emerging and / or established and shows in this unique space that is THE HOOD
The winning proposal will be produced and placed / glued throughout the THE HOOD space and all received proposals will be displayed in THE HOOD space. 
In this call, an invitation is made to reflect on a specific theme, which can be assumed through various aesthetics, techniques, creative processes, etc; capable of generating unexpected results. 
NEIGHBORHOOD is the theme that we propose to work on, as a stage of closeness, friendship, affection, brotherhood, neighborhood, scenery of play, freedom and so many other things that we leave to your imagination! 
* Call launch - March 1, 2021
* Deadline for Submission of Proposals - April 12, 2021, until 10 pm 
* Earnings Release - April 17, 2021 * 
* Placement / Gluing at THE HOOD - To be confirmed by DGS at the time
* Opening of the Exhibition and Posters at THE HOOD - To be confirmed by DGS at the time
 Check the regulation here:

Proposals must be sent by WETRANSFER (online platform for transferring information, files), to the email address:, with the following subject: THE HOOD poster _ (proposal name) 

The file / document / folder to be sent must contain:

__name of the proposal;
_ details of the participant: full name, stage name, date of birth, nationality, address, e-mail, mobile phone, website link, facebook link, instagram link, other relevant links;
 _ biography / cv or other information relevant to the analysis of the proposal;
 _ proposal with dimensions / format / characteristics: 1000x700mm vertical, CMYK, 300 dpis, TIF, JPEG and PDF version.
Show us what you got.

If your heart beats for art, so do ours. Share your work with us,
from The Hood to The World.

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