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April 30 , Sunday

THE HOOD, in collaboration with our partners, is thrilled to announce our latest project - THE HOOD JAM SESSIONS. It's a unique and creative initiative that will bring together artists, creatives, and cultural enthusiasts from different walks of life to explore, collaborate, and inspire each other.

The HOOD JAM SESSIONS will take you on a 3-part discovery of our urban roots and culture, where you'll get to explore the following:

SELF-HOOD JAM SESSIONS: Our deepest roots are in urban culture, and in the SELF-HOOD JAM SESSIONS, we'll show you our true identity. You'll get to explore the culture and lifestyle that has shaped us, and discover how it continues to influence our lives and work today.

FRIEND-HOOD JAM SESSIONS: It's time to pay tribute to the art forms that have influenced urban culture the most. In the FRIEND-HOOD JAM SESSIONS, we'll celebrate the various art forms that have created our identity. We'll pay homage to the pioneers of these art forms and explore how they continue to inspire us today.

NEIGHBOR-HOOD JAM SESSIONS: At The Hood, we believe that culture has no barriers, and that we all make art for the same reasons - to express ourselves, to connect with others, and to make a difference. In the NEIGHBOR-HOOD JAM SESSIONS, we'll invite more distant art forms to be part of this great community. We'll embrace diverse art forms and celebrate the unity that creativity brings.

So, join us on this wave of creativity and inspiration.
Keep an eye out for upcoming dates and be a part of this unique and exciting cultural experience.
Together, we'll create, explore, and inspire each other in ways that we never thought possible!

Show us what you got.

If your heart beats for art, so do ours. Share your work with us,
from The Hood to The World.

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