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Urban Art in Cross Stitch Workshop
October 31 , Saturday

An improbable combination is perhaps the best way to describe the combination of the cross stitch embroidery technique with Urban Art and it is the learning of this peculiar technique that we propose for the weekend of the 31st of October and 1st of November at THE HOOD.


You will learn the basic techniques of traditional cross stitch as well as the methods to transform this detailed embroidery into a large scale piece, using a wooden support and nails.
At the end of this class, each participant will have created an individual panel, which will take home or which, in the proper way of these urban artistic expressions, can be leave bat one of THE HOOD's walls.


But more importantly, you will certainly take with you the idea that traditional techniques and graphics can always be deconstructed, modified and taken far beyond what we imagined.


Phases of the workshop:

- Basics of traditional cross stitch

- Choice and elaboration of drawing for final piece

- Choice and preparation of materials

- Execution and final assembly


About Aheneah:

Aheneah (b.1996) is a Portuguese artist and designer. 

The improbable match happened when, during her bachelor's, she combined her design knowledge with her grandmothers’ embroidery teachings. 

Since then, her artistic journey turned into an exploration of connections between digital and analog mediums, seeking to deconstruct, decontextualize and transform a traditional technique into a modern graphic, connecting cultures, and generations.


_ Time: 10am - 5pm (1 hour break for lunch)

_ Duration of the workshop: 6h (approx.)

_ The workshop is free and limited to 10 participants

_ Minimum age: 12 years

_ Mandatory registration at:

_ All the necessary material will be provided to the participants


In carrying out this workshop, the measures and standards for the protection of individual and collective health issued by the General Directorate of Health and UBBO / THE HOOD will be fully respected.


_ Additional information:

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