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June 3 , Saturday

One of the most emotive projects by Lisbon-based creative talent Melanie Alves comes to The Hood.

"Vozes da Avó" is a celebration of Amadora's senior female community. Under the sign, the Colo como Ativismo, we pay tribute to the guardians of the family as symbols of resilience and perseverance along the path of affections.

A visual and tactile experience of unknown stories to discover and travel the paths of others through fragments of personal memories.

The feeling of the visual and tactile experience of the art installation that will stay for a long time, like the smell of burnt toast of grandmother Maria José.

To remember and link the importance of wise women, not only as guardians of our history but also as symbols of resilience and perseverance.



11h - 16:30h

11h Gate: Inauguration + Guided Visit with artist Melanie Alves

12h -15h Food Tasting (Edições do Gosto) - Stage/Auchan: Gastronomic session with Avó Zita and Chef Mauro Álison

14h Performance Area: CUTLA Performance - Viola Group

15h Gate: round table with entities and collaborators: Melanie Alves (artist), Paulo Amado (Edições do Gosto), Inês Catana (Burel Factory), Maria Adelaide (Cutla), Allison Newton (The Hood)

16h Food Tasting (Edições do Gosto): Gastronomic session with Cristina Queda (winner of the last Portuguese Table competition)

16:30h Performance Area: CUTLA performance (30min) Mexe-te mais: rhythmic gymnastics


Special Events with CUTLA (Amadora's University for Senior Citizens)

June Schedule:

June 7: Ukelele School 14:30h

June 12: Tuna 11h

June 13: Chorus 14:30h

June 14: Coimbra's Fado School 14:30h

June 15: Ukelele Band 14:30h

June 20: Folkloric Band 14:30h

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