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CBWEED was born from a common passion between 9 friends, a passion for hemp.
Each one of them, specialized in different areas, gathered their qualities and ideas to create what is nowadays one of the biggest franchising networks of hemp derivatives in Europe.
With a headquarter and showroom in Forlì, Italy, CBWEED is growing and reinforcing steadily its position in the european market.

What will you find inside a CBWEED shop?

CBWEED is a store chain that sells products that derive from hemp, where you will find:

- A selection of high quality hemp flowers;

- CBD oils; 

- Products for electronic cigarettes;

- Food products, from raw materials, hemp flower and hemp seed oil, to processed products like pastas, cookies, savories, herb teas, coffee, beers and liqueurs; 

- A wide variety of cosmetic products for face, body and hair, all 100% natural and based on hemp extracts;

- CBD supplements for animals; 

- CBWEED accessories.


The great majority of products offered are CBWEED branded.
The branded products' selection is constantly growing and updating.

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