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A high intensity 45 minute full-body workout that mixes sports and athletic training. Created to meet the goals of modern city warriors. Get ready for the daily adventures by increasing resistance, endurance and strength.


Body Pump

Toning class that uses a slider to increase the training load and work all the muscle groups of the body. Feel the rush - enjoy the power of the pump.



The iCYCLE class is based on an indoor cycling system adjusted to the student's physical condition. You will pedal to the rhythm of the melody, music by music, at the same time burn calories and exercise your heart.


Total Conditioning

Your body, your conditions. A cardio and strenght full-body workout to help you take the next step and increase your resistance to take on the challenges of everyday life.



Wellbeing and the perfect fitness challenge aligned to offer you a class that works on your balance, stability and strength… day after day.



Can you have just fun and still make it count as exercise? With Zumba you can. The most fun ever compacted into a fitness workout is here.



Exciting glutes and legs workout, MIB will motivate you to strengthen and tone your lower body. Get into the groove as you work your bottom and legs in this effective Brazilian workout!



You have high goals - jump to reach them all. A highly fun workout that uses a mini-trampoline to help you bounce your way to cardiovascular fitness.



Can we help you find the path to inner peace and find quietude and wellbeing? We know we can. Take a break from busy schedules and enjoy. This is your time.

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