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It was in 1959 that the Olá ice cream factory, located in Santa Iria, started to create its first ice creams. And since then it has accustomed us to ice creams as characteristic and as ours as Epá, Perna de Pau and Cornetto strawberry.

Our founders had the vision to know what we all already know: that ice-cream makes people happy. They knew that their magic unites us, and can melt the barriers between people.

Above all they believed in one thing, that ice cream should be enjoyed by all of us, not just a few.

We spread happiness from day one, but we never settled, we always wanted to inspire through innovation, and that's why we still haven't stopped reinventing smiles. It is thanks to all of them that we have entered the hearts of the Portuguese.

We all have memories, memories that for some reason we don't keep in our heads but in our hearts, and what lies behind something so simple and precious? A simple Hello.

Come with us and say hello to the world and to life!

Show us what you got.

If your heart beats for art, so do ours. Share your work with us,
from The Hood to The World.

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